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Moda Spira Podcast, Ep. 2: "Ring of Fire"

Episode Summary

Moda Spira is a musical project by artist and producer Latifah Alattas. Moda Spira Podcast is a companion podcast to the work that she does under that moniker. The first season of the show chronicles the painful end of her marriage in the form of a track by track commentary of her latest album. In this episode, Latifah begins the deep dive into her new album with an examination of its opening song, a cover of the 1960s June Carter and Johnny Cash hit, "Ring of Fire."

Episode Notes

Originally published on October 26th, 2018.

Produced and edited by Luke Brawner
Mixed by Resonate Recordings
Hosted by Latifah Alattas, Aaron Hale, and Luke Brawner
Episode Guests include Matt Mikalatos, and Dave and Ally Wilton
Artwork designed by Annie Herzig
Music licensed by Blue Dot Sessions

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