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Smokes, Ep. 1: "Rubber Snake Road"

Episode Summary

Smokes is a concept I developed for the members of my Patreon community. It's based on a quote that is generally attributed to the writer Stephen King: "Sometimes a cigar is just a smoke, and a story is just a story." These are essentially stories for the simple joy of storytelling. It also served as a great space for me to practice the style of narrative storytelling I most enjoy. This episode was produced for my lifelong best friends, Nathan, on his 40th birthday. Little did I know when I made it that two short months later, tragically, Nathan would pass away. His death made this particular story all the more meaningful to me.

Episode Notes

Originally published on November 8th, 2019.

Written, produced, edited, and mixed by Luke Brawner
Artwork designed by Luke Brawner
Music licensed by Blue Dot Sessions

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