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The Relay, Ep. 1: "The Difference Between Coffee and Solidarity (Pt. 1)"

Episode Summary

The Relay is a podcast exploring the complexity of establishing justice-centered relationships and communities in modern times. During this episode, hosts Secunda Joseph & Luke Brawner discuss the origins of both The Relay and its partnership with Project Curate and introduce the shows reimagined roundtable format. Guests Jessica Davenport, Cleve Tinsley and Rachel Schneider sit down with Secunda to interrogate the common idea that if we all “just get along,” the issues of racism and inequity will be solved. As we question and challenge empty calls for diversity and reconciliation, we also consider what substantive, intentional relationships across social difference look like and what they make possible in struggles for justice and social transformation.

Episode Notes

Originally published on July 19th, 2019.

Hosted by Secunda Joseph and Luke Brawner
Episode Guests: Dr. Jessica Davenport, Dr. Rachel Schneider, and Dr. Cleve Tinsley IV
Produced, edited, and mixed by Luke Brawner
Artwork designed by Heather Hale
Music licensed Blue Dot Sessions

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